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Why Does The Truck Engine Take White Smoke
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The truck engine must pay attention to black smoke or white eyes.

1, the pressure in the cylinder is too low or water

In cold weather, white smoke can also occur. Card friends should not be misled by white smoke initiated under cold conditions. When the engine starts cold, the white smoke is obvious. This is due to the low temperature of the air entering the cylinder, which affects the ignition and delay characteristics of the fuel. Incomplete combustion of oil microparticles is discharged into cold air and cooled rapidly, resulting in white smoke.

2. The use of low sixteen alkane diesel oil

If the engine has been activated for some time, the white smoke has not disappeared. It may be that the low sixteen alkane diesel or the cylinder pressure is too low. Drivers are clear about diesel fuel, if not diesel fuel, drivers need to check the cylinder, see if there is leakage and so on.

3. The amount of fuel injection of multiple injectors is different

The slow rotation of the truck engine, and the appearance of exhaust smoke or fire phenomenon, can be roughly judged that the amount of fuel in a certain injector is different than that of the other injectors. Too much or too little fuel is likely to produce white smoke when the engine slowly rotates into the cylinder.

The unbalanced ignition of the truck has great influence on the operation of the truck engine. Install the temperature sensor in the intake pipe, so that the engine can be adjusted when it starts. It can also reduce the discharge of white smoke, improve the cold start performance of the truck engine, and prevent the air temperature in the intake pipe of the engine from changing too fast.