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What Is The Development Trend Of Heavy Truck Engines
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Since 1998, many large cities in China have introduced local regulations in order to limit the entry of diesel vehicles into cities. In recent years, this phenomenon has changed. At present, diesel engines have achieved great success in Europe and the United States in the strictest implementation of vehicle emission regulations. Due to the working characteristics of diesel engines, low emission engines can avoid serious pollution to the environment. What is the development trend of heavy truck engines?

(1) environmental protection and energy conservation are the eternal themes

What is the development trend of heavy truck engines? Everyone knows that exhaust emissions from motor vehicles are one of the most important factors for environmental pollution, and the exhaust emission of diesel vehicles is the first to take the brunt. In China, many diesel engine manufacturers, such as Chai, Yuchai, Dai Chai and tin Chai, have developed diesel engines with advanced technology and national environmental protection standards, but it does not mean that the development of diesel engines in our country has stepped into the road. At present, some external factors restrict its popularization and application, and the quality of China's diesel oil still needs to be improved. The quality of fuel oil is closely related to the normal operation life, oil consumption and exhaust emission of the automobile engine. The environment-friendly engine needs the suitable clean fuel. The exhaust emissions can not be too harmful and even exceed the standard.

China is an oil importing country, so fuel economy has always been the main thrust of the internal combustion engine industry. The diesel engine has good fuel economy, and the cost of technology development is low, which can control the cost in general. From the point of view of energy saving, the fuel economy of diesel engine is 45% to 60% higher than that of gasoline engine. With the oil crisis again and again, the price of fuel has risen again and again, which affects consumers' purchasing decisions.  However, the foreign heavy vehicle engines have selected the diesel engines with high thermal efficiency, reliability, good durability and good fuel economy. The exhaust gas recirculation and oxidation catalysis technology, the particle collector and the electronic control fuel injection system are adopted in order to meet the increasingly stringent emission requirements, and improve the power and economy of the truck. Sex and reliability; on the basis of fuel cleaning, emissions can reach Euro III emission standards.

(2) it is an urgent task to develop high power diesel engine

According to the present form analysis, the development of heavy diesel engine in China is lagging behind, which can not meet the needs of the users, and the high power diesel vehicles with 12 liters and above must depend on the import. Abroad, 12 liters of diesel vehicles with euro I and Euro II standards have become mainstream products. The most widely used technology in the United States is the electric power technology of 300 horsepower to 600 horsepower. Western European heavy vehicle engine, 300 horsepower to become the starting power, generally have 4~5 different power, for users of different types of vehicles, different use conditions. Famous manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Mercedes, Sweden's Volvo and Scania have basically 340, 380, 420, 460 and 500 horsepower five power engines for users to choose from.

The analysis of China's situation shows that there are few heavy vehicles with more than 360 horsepower, and many have to rely on imports. Nowadays, the special products produced by many multinational companies are becoming more and more demanding for the transportation conditions. The demand for large horsepower tractors is increasing, and the overall market demand has great potential. Generally speaking, it is necessary to increase the development and development of heavy-duty diesel engines.