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What Is The Common Cause Of Fan Blades Scraping The Water Tank
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1:The gap between the end of the tank and the fan blade is too small: the seat hole in the bottom of the water tank is too large to be worn at the lower part of the tank, or the support pipe of the seat cushion is leaked, and the seat hole fits the gap, so the installation position of the tank is moved, the distance between the fan blades is shortened and the clearance is smaller, if both are sloshing in the operation. Contact。

2:The position of the engine is moving forward: when the engine is installed, the support tube (or the foot seat hole is too worn), the position of the whole machine moves forward, and the distance between the water tank is narrowed; the angle of the fan blade is unsuitable and the adjustment is not appropriate, so that the clearance of the water tank is too small to touch.

3:The pump pulley is swaying and swaying; the cone hole of the pulley and the cone of the cone are not compatible with the requirements. The fan blade flies off; the axial movement of the pump shaft is likely to scratch the tank's heart.

4:Frequent emergency braking in operation, downhill stepping on clutch and accelerator pedal will cause the engine to move ahead, causing the whole barrel of the water tank to be damaged.