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Volvo FMX Truck Chassis Fire Exhibition
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The city of temperate continental monsoon is the most golden season of the year, and together with the Seventeenth International Fire Equipment Technology Exchange (2017China Fire), Beijing, located in the temperate continental monsoon climate, has officially welcomed the most golden season of the year. Such a big fire equipment technology exhibition, the big "Waugh" will not be absent naturally, in the previous exhibition, with the strong style and unassailable quality, the big "Waugh" fire truck captured the hearts of thousands of viewers, in the chassis market has been widely recognized and praised.

In the early summer of 2014, a new series of Volvo products were officially registered in China. By improving the technology of engine and transmission and introducing a series of revolutionary innovation technologies, the power, operability and safety performance of the vehicle have been greatly improved.

At present, the Volvo FMX fire engines in the service are 460 horsepower and 500 horsepower, which can achieve a torque of 2300 cattle · rice and 2500 cattle · meters, in addition, there is a part of the 540 horsepower model in the market, with a torque of 2600 ox · meters. Such high torque can meet a variety of special requirements and play an important role in the battlefield of "time is life", which effectively improves the speed of emergency rescue and rescue of fire engines.

Volvo FMX can provide a variety of models, in addition to the classic 8x4 models, as well as 6x4, 6x6 and 10x4 models to choose from. The diversified choice provides flexibility and convenience for the renovation of the upper garment factory to meet the various needs of the city's fire fighting operations.

At present, Volvo fire engine has served in all cities and streets all over the country and in the world, and has established a close cooperative relationship with China's major fire truck production enterprises. Where there is need for rescue, there will be a Volvo fire truck. At the time of typhoon season, big "Waugh" will bring our most intimate greetings to our lovely armed police officers and soldiers, let us fight side by side, and deliver security to thousands of families.