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Truck Chassis Protection
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Battery: notice the green oxide in the wiring

After entering the autumn, the wiring of the electrode of the battery battery is the most likely place to go out. If there is a green oxide in the junction of the electrode, it must be washed away with open water. If these green oxides do not flush, the battery will be in a state of loss of electricity, and it may not be able to hit the car when it is serious. Blow dry again and spray on the protective agent to protect the oxide layer from being protected.

Chassis: maintenance with emphasis on rust removal

After metal exposure and exposure to rainwater, the metal materials of vehicle chassis are prone to rust and affect driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to remove rust from the chassis and check whether there are scraping and screw shedding on the chassis. In the daily car wash, be careful not to wash the body and chassis with alkaline detergent and washing powder, otherwise it will affect the antirust effect and shorten the time of rust prevention. However, it is suggested that the owner of the car install "chassis protection armor" for the chassis of the car. It is not easy to scratch, and will not be cracked and flake. It can also prevent the rusting of the chassis brought by the bump.