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- Jul 18, 2018 -

1: How long do you need to change the filter core?

In normal use, if the  filter device differential alarm alarm or cumulative use of more than 300 hours, that should replace the filter element.

2:How to change the filter core of a single barrel filter?

A. Close the inlet valve and open the upper cover. (the upper end cover of the aluminum alloy type should be gently pried open from the side notch using a flat screwdriver);

B. Unscrewing the drain plug and removing the dirty oil;

C. Loosens the fastening nut of the upper end of the filter core, the operator holds the filter core with the oil glove, and takes the old filter core vertically up; the

D. Replaced with a new filter core, and the upper seal ring (the lower end has self sealing). Padding, tighten the nut;

E. Tighten the drain line, cover the upper cover (pay attention to the sealing ring) and fasten the bolts.