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The Release Of Guo VI Technology And The Appearance Of Guo VI Engine And Vehicle Are The Highlights Of This FAW Liberation Exhibition.
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The release of "Guo VI" technology and the appearance of "Guo VI" engine and vehicle are the highlights of this FAW Liberation Exhibition. The new self-upgrade of the Sixth Engine of Liberation China adopts high-efficiency dual-zone distributed combustion technology, electronically controlled balanced valve-type asymmetric turbocharging technology, the comprehensive efficiency of turbocharger is more than 60%, cooling high-pressure EGR technology and high-efficiency energy-saving oil technology, which achieves the effective thermal efficiency of the engine up to 46%, and the consumption of urea is less than 20% compared with the national V. Comprehensive economy is the best. To consolidate the leading position of Jiefang Commercial Vehicle in China, the technology of ultra-high speed centrifugal filtration, new oil formulation technology and electronic control maintenance are adopted to develop 150,000 km long oil exchange technology, which can reduce TCO premium by another 50%. Guoliu post-processor breaks through the technology of high-efficiency low-temperature copper-based coating and ultra-thin-walled carrier, and achieves nitrogen-oxygen conversion efficiency of 95%~98%. It breaks through the asymmetric thin-wall, high ash content DPF carrier and low ash content technology of engine, and realizes the maintenance-free of 6 DP4.4 million km in China. State six urea injection system adopts independent gas drive technology, of which the injection pressure fluctuation is reduced by more than 20%, and the urea spray particle diameter is 40 m, which is shoulder to shoulder.