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The Opening For Expansion Of Global Layout CIMC Poland Company
- Nov 19, 2018 -

CIMC vehicle Polish Companies (CIMC Trailer Poland sp. Z o.o.) in the Republic of Poland, Pomerania, Gdynia city held simple and solemn ceremony, representatives of the Polish coastal province vice governor, deputy mayor of the city of Gdynia, coastal province Investment Management Bureau officials, the European important potential customers, COSCO Group in Polish Companies and local multi media were invited to participate in the activities of the day.

The opening for expansion of global layout CIMC Poland company

CIMC vehicle Polish company chairman, Shenzhen CIMC vehicle general manager Jiang Qiwen attended the ceremony and delivered a speech: "after nearly a year of planning and preparation, CIMC vehicle Polish companies today finally in Gdynia city government and many customers hope successfully completed and opened. This is set in the vehicle 'global operations, local wisdom and strategy' bear fruit. This as the foundation, CIMC Poland will rely on European technology and resources to China, for customers with more quality products, to create greater value, for the local economy, employment bring better returns. At the same time we will also actively engaged in product innovation and the value of supply chain extending and sharing, promote between China and the EU's technology, products, human interaction, and strive to enhance the customer and social value of the CIMC vehicle brand. "

Gdynia vice mayor katarzyna Spychala that Zhongji investment Gdynia will to polish and European economic version of the picture with the dense a pen, she represented the Gdynia city of CIMC new plant completed expressed warm congratulations. This is China's first investment in Pomerania region manufacturing industry, the opening of the plant also proved that the Gdynia has the ability to accept like CIMC this the world's top investors.

CIMC vehicle Polish Companies in several Eastern for the election. After detailed inspection, eventually settled in the southern Baltic Sea near the port, convenient transportation, infrastructure improvement, with the advantage of labor cost Poland Gdynia City Central industrial area.

CIMC vehicle Polish company is Shenzhen CIMC vehicle in Europe's first product assembly base, with a total area of 7700 square meters, including a owns two production lines of plant and open-air yard, designed annual production capacity is 2000 units. Products mainly include the side curtain car, exchange box and frame car. It is understood that CIMC vehicle will by the way of CKD reduce logistics cost, complete products in Europe of the final assembly, and by the German professional sales team responsible for sales. 8 at the end of this year, Poland CIMC has successfully delivered the first car in the Russian side curtain industry exhibition.

Although Europe's economy has been in a relatively low state this year, Poland is a small country with a small number of economic growth, and the number of trucks and trailers is steadily rising. But the Polish with Eastern Europe's largest Trailer enterprise Wielton, the latter this year bought France a well-known Trailer enterprise Fruehauf, the tentacles of the market has been extended to across Europe strength can not be overlooked. So in Poland the establishment of the company, which has business opportunities, there are also difficulties.