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The Most Basic Common Sense Of The Truck Gearbox Maintenance
- Jun 02, 2018 -

We know that the gearbox is divided into two kinds of manual and automatic. The manual transmission is mainly composed of gear and shaft; the automatic transmission is composed of hydraulic torque converter, planetary gear, hydraulic variable distance system and hydraulic control system. So what does the gearbox need to pay attention to?

Often exchange oil for good oil

The oil of the gearbox affects the performance of the gearbox, and the oil of the gearbox is changed regularly. Because of the mutual occlusion between gears, great torque is needed, so gear oil is needed to lubricate and cool the gear. And because most of our trucks are long-distance transportation, we should pay more attention to the quality and timely replacement of transmission oil.

Both inside and outside have to change oil

Although the gearbox uses oil, it also has the problems of oxidation and metamorphism. As the temperature in the gearbox is higher than the normal temperature, the lubricating oil will be oxidized. When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will be reduced, and its adsorption capacity will be reduced, especially for some old vehicles, so it is certain that it must be used for some old vehicles. Check and keep the maintenance in time.

Oil leaking and less oil are not used for top use

After driving a certain number of kilometers, check whether there is oil leakage in the gearbox. Once the oil leakage is found, the cause should be found out immediately and the maintenance is checked in time.

Because the oil in the gearbox takes the oil of the gearbox bottom to the surface of the gear, the oil can be attached to the surface of the gear to ensure good lubrication between the gears. For example, the oil in the gearbox is less than the normal range, and the oil can not spatter on the surface of each gear by the rotation of the gear.

As a result, the metal surface generates enormous heat, and it is easy to wear the gear surface. When it is serious, it will burn the gear and make it unable to rotate.