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The Important Function Of The Filter For Truck Engine Protection
- Jun 02, 2018 -

If the engine is compared to the heart of a truck, then the filter that protects the truck engine is the kidney of a truck. The truck filter is responsible for the impurity filtration of the three systems of the engine combustion system, lubrication system and intake system. What important role does the filter of truck engine protect play? Let's have a look at the truck.

Although the oil products are fine filtration and impurity treatment, in the use of oil products, all kinds of external factors will affect the cleanliness and pollution of the oil products. In the process of engine operation, the impurities, suspended particles and particulate dust in the combustion system will cause the pollution of the oil products. With the longer the engine time, the pollution will become more serious. At this time the filter is responsible for the filtration of oil, reducing the impurity and pollution.

The working principle of the filter:

In order to protect truck engines, high quality filters can better protect the engine and its common rail system. For example, diesel filter is the purification equipment of diesel oil for internal combustion engine. It can ensure the cleanliness of diesel oil to the maximum extent, so as to remove all kinds of mechanical impurities, bitumen impurities and colloidal impurities.

The function of the filter:

The biggest function of the filter is its cleaning function. Besides, it can well protect the engine, reduce fuel consumption and increase the service life of the engine.

The oil filter can remove the impurities in the oil, reduce the friction of the impurities in the lubricating oil, increase the lubricating effect of the oil, and thus protect the truck engine.

The diesel filter can filter impurities in diesel oil, reduce internal pollution and combustion, and reduce fuel consumption.

Air filtration is to filter air and air impurities, so that diesel can fully burn, increase the utilization rate of diesel oil, reduce fuel consumption and so on.

In addition to the filtering effect, the filter can also effectively prevent the blockage of the oil holes, pipes and fuel injectors, reduce the maintenance of the truck engines, and save the cost.

Maintenance of filter:

In order to better ensure the efficiency of the filter, increase the service life of the filter, we should check the truck filter regularly, clean the filter, and do the maintenance and so on.