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The Fit Clearance Of Bearing Bush Journal Should Be Appropriate
- Jan 03, 2019 -

When selecting bearing bush, the fit clearance must be checked. When checking, measuring Bush and journal with cylinder gauge and micrometer, the difference is fit clearance. The inspection method of bearing bush matching clearance is as follows: for connecting rod bush, a thin layer of oil is coated on the bush, the connecting rod is tightened on the corresponding journal, the bolt is tightened according to the prescribed moment value, then the connecting rod is switched by hand, and the connecting rod can rotate 1-1/2 turns, pull the connecting rod along the axis direction, without the sense of clearance, that is to meet the requirements; for crankshaft bush, oil is coated on the bearing bush surface of each journal crane Bush and loaded properly. The crankshaft tightens the bolt according to the prescribed moment value, and pulls the crankshaft with both hands. It is suitable that the crankshaft can rotate 1/2 circles, and the rotation is light, uniform and non-blocking.