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Teach You How To Maintain The Parts Of The Truck
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Body: not just for beauty

The dust and wind and rain in the natural environment cause little damage to the paint of the car, and thorough cleaning is essential. In addition, due to the corrosion of rain and acid in summer rain and the direct of summer strong light, the truck surface will be oxidized. At the time of the season, it is best to make a series of cosmetic maintenance from cleaning, polishing to wax, glaze or coating for the surface of the car, all of which can maintain the car's bottom paint or the car.

Interior: cleaning and sterilizing the odor

When it comes to appearance, the interior decoration is the best embodiment of the owner's taste. The vehicle mainly carries out a new "sweeping" for the interior decoration of the vehicle. The dashboard needs to use a variety of different thickness of wood chips or sizes, and repair the head into a different style, such as oblique triangle, rectangle or sharp, and then wrap it in a clean dishcloth to clean the dashboard. After the dust is cleaned, a special instrument wax is used, and the dashboard will be clean in a few seconds. Cleaning the leather seat can avoid the premature aging of the dermis. The owner should clean the oil and dust on the dermis in time and prolong the life of the leather seat.

Air conditioning: it's important to clean thoroughly

The hot summer for a long time in the stage of overloading the air conditioning, condensers and water tank condensing network have gathered a lot of impurities, not timely clean up, will shorten the life of air conditioning, and easy to breed bacteria, causing the odor in the car to produce mildew. For a long time in this environment, people will feel dizzy, nausea and even induce respiratory diseases. Therefore, after entering the autumn, the air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned. After the air conditioning system is cleaned, it is suggested to replace the new air conditioning filter element or clean the original filter element and install it again.

Skylight: timely cleaning can prolong life

If the skylight is used for a long time, there will be some gravel in the slide rails and crevice, and the time is long. There will be sand in the gap between the frame and the seal. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will reduce the seal of the skylight in the rainy season and cause the leakage. At this time, it only needs to open the skylight and carefully clean up with a soft cloth. The sand in the frame can avoid leaking.

Truck engine maintenance

Engine: check oil brake oil antifreeze

After using the engine for a period of time, especially the truck that has experienced long-distance driving, the inner part of the engine will deposit a layer of oil sludge. A long time will cause engine fuel consumption to increase, power to reduce, and even damage the engine. During the season, the engine should be cleaned. At the same time, the engine room oil, brake oil and antifreeze should be checked regularly to see whether the oil is sufficient, or not, whether it is deteriorated or not, and whether the replacement cycle is like the blood of the car, and the replacement period must be replaced to ensure the smooth circulation of the oil.

Tire: keep the tire pressure in time

Tire is the "foot" of a truck. It plays an important role in the safe driving of vehicles. In summer, because of the high temperature, the tire pressure should not be too high. Otherwise, there will be a risk of blowout. In autumn, the temperature is relatively low. Tire pressure should be added to maintain the required pressure range. It is better to prepare a barometer, test the tire pressure regularly, and inflate in time when the tire pressure is insufficient. The tire tread hidden on the surface of the tire can not be ignored. The use time will make the tread gradually shallower, so the tire should be checked, repaired or replaced in time.