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Small Truck Chassis Maintenance Technique
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1, rotation system: select smooth oil

In general, the transmission and static, heating, and the tightening of the bearing need to be adjusted. Once the adjustment is not suitable, it is likely to cause the clutch to skid, thus causing the heat burn to burn the disk. Therefore, it is very important to choose smooth oil. Good smooth oil will reduce the loss and fuel consumption of trucks.

2, brake system: guarantee sensitivity

The function of braking skill directly affects truck skills, operation reliability and driving safety. The braking function of trucks is generally an important guarantee for safe driving. If the truck is out of order, the brake system should be checked as soon as possible. In general, the parts of the brake are not properly adjusted or worn too much, which will cause the brake sensitivity of the truck to be reduced, and the worn brake pad should be replaced in time. Before you leave the car, you can try the sensitive condition of the brakes to ensure that you can travel after normal.

3, marching system: curing tires

The tyre affects the moving function of the truck. The friction between the tyre and the ground can not be avoided during the running, and the tire is being worn away. The car owners suggest that they regularly test the tightness of the tire at the professional repair shop and make appropriate adjustments and views to keep the tire in its best condition.

To sum up, the truck chassis maintenance should start with the three aspects of the rotation system, the braking system and the traveling system. If some problems occur, the truck can not meet the expectations of the owners. More information, welcome to focus on truck shop - professional heavy truck ERP management platform!