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Rinse Engine Compartment Is Still A Skill!
- Jun 02, 2018 -

1, water pressure should not be too high

Consequences: destruction circuit

Because there are various lines in the engine room, electronic components, such as motor, fuse box, if the water pressure is too high, a little damaged line will cause circuit short circuit, light burn fuse, the heavy person directly burn the whole circuit board.

2. The engine can not be flushed when the engine is high temperature

Consequences: cylinder bursting

When the car is running at a high speed or a long time, the temperature of the engine will be very high, and now it is the summer when the temperature of the fried eggs is not a problem. When the water is flushed with water, the engine cylinder body is easy to crack because of the heat expansion and contraction, so the repair is a small thing, direct the engine!

3. No high pressure water gun can be used to flush the headlights

Consequences: the headlights are seriously fogging

Now many owners are puzzled why the new car is fogging after the car wash, and it can obviously see the steam, which is related to the washing of the headlights with the high pressure water gun when you wash the car.

Isn't it a vacuum?

Even if it is a big light in the vacuum, there will be a small hole in the air, which is used to give out the heat of the light. Under the pressure of the high pressure water gun, some water will still be "pressed" into the lampshade. It is very difficult to remove it.

If the headlights are refitted, do not rinse the headlights. The original headlights assembly is prized open all over, and then changed to various bright headlights. The headlights will often be greatly disqualified. Therefore, the owner of the car should not use water to clean the headlights. In the engine room, we must pay attention to not splash the water on the converted headlights, so as to avoid turning into the "goldfish cylinder".

Finally, after the engine room is washed, the odor is also cleaned up, we only need to use a towel to dry the engine room, then start the engine, with the heat of the engine to "steam" to start the engine room water!