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Qingdao FAW Company's Sales Increase Steadily
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Since the successful replacement of the products in 1994, by 2013,  Qingdao FAW company has produced more than 100 vehicles in 2013, covering all parts of the country, and exporting more than 20 countries and regions in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, central and South America, the former Soviet Union and so on.   

   J5M and the international market are widely concerned. Qingdao FAW company truck is known as the "money making machine" of users. Qingdao automobile company always insists that design and R & D are the source of product quality. Over the years, we have continuously increased the investment in science and technology and the construction of information and network. All the products and process design have been designed by computer aided design; high tech talents have been introduced, and a high-end product R & D team with doctorate and master as the leader of the subject has been formed. The strong R & D capability of vehicles and refitted cars has effectively played the role of FAW's Liberation truck pilot plant. In terms of technological equipment and manufacturing technology, according to the advanced technology standard of international truck, the company has built the cab welding line, stamping production line, cab coating line, frame riveting connection, frame paint line, vehicle inspection line, upgrading and upgrading the whole vehicle assembly line, and equipped with 5100 ton press, welding robot, CNC. Machining center, laser cutting and other advanced manufacturing equipment. The four major technological levels of punching, welding, coating and assembly and other trucks of green steam company are in the leading position in China. It has already formed the production capacity of 70 thousand vehicles and chassis, 10 thousand special vehicles and modified vehicles, and 150 thousand parts of the cab stamping parts. Facing the opportunities and challenges brought by the global economic integration, the Qingdao automobile factory will unswervingly adhere to the concept of customer first and quality first, take the innovation as the motive, seize the opportunity, keep pace with the times, speed up the development, and lock the strategic goal of providing the profitable products that continue to supply the society in short supply. It will make a positive contribution to the construction of Qingdao's economy and the revitalization of the national automobile industry.