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Precautions For Turbocharger Use
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Because turbocharger often works at high speed and high temperature, the temperature of turbocharger exhaust gas turbine end is about 600 C, and the turbocharger rotor rotates at a high speed of 8000-11000r/min, in order to ensure the normal operation of turbocharger, the following points should be paid attention to in use:

The car will start at once.

After the engine is started, especially in winter, it should be idled for a period of time so that the lubricant can lubricate the bearings sufficiently before the turbocharger rotor runs at high speed. So, after you start, you must not bang the accelerator to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

Do not extinguish immediately.

After the engine runs for a long time, it can not immediately turn off. When the engine is working, part of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing for lubrication and cooling. When a running engine suddenly shuts down, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero, the high temperature of the turbocharger turbine part passes to the middle, and the heat in the bearing support shell can not be taken away quickly. At the same time, the turbocharger rotor is still rotating at high speed under the inertia action. Therefore, if the engine shuts down suddenly, it will cause the turbine. The oil in the supercharger is overheated and damaged the bearing and shaft. In particular, we should prevent sudden flameout after several foot throttle.

Keep clean

When disassembling the supercharger, to keep it clean, the pipe joints must be clogged with clean cloth to prevent debris from falling into the supercharger and damaging the rotor. During maintenance, attention should be paid to avoid impacting and damaging the impeller. If it is necessary to replace the impeller, dynamic balance test should be done. After reloading, remove the blockage.

To be cleaned.

Because the supercharger often operates at high temperature, its lubricating oil pipeline is easily coked by high temperature, which will cause insufficient lubrication of the supercharger bearing and damage. Therefore, the lubricating oil pipeline should be cleaned after running for a period of time.

Pay attention to overhaul

Before departure and after receipt, the connection of each pipe in the air passage should be checked to prevent the loosening and falling of the supercharger and air short circuit from entering the cylinder.

It can be seen that after turbocharging, the structure of engine parts has been strengthened. In terms of use and maintenance, it is necessary to strengthen the compulsory maintenance of engine and pay attention to the correct operation method.