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Out Of The Car, These Truck Maintenance Tools Are Necessary
- Nov 19, 2018 -

It is necessary for the truck maintenance tools to get out of the car. The drivers of the annual driving trucks will have some emergency maintenance, and if they have a small fault outside, it will cost a little cost. Today, we need to provide necessary maintenance tools to solve the immediate problems.

1. Common truck maintenance tools

Dual purpose spanner: the combination of spanner, the advantages of this wrench combination: easy to carry, wide use.

Movable spanner: it is a very convenient multi-purpose wrench. It is best to prepare a larger one and a smaller one to match the use in different situations.

Headlights: the headlights do not need to be illuminated by hand. They can be set directly on the head. They can do other things by emancipating their hands. It is very convenient for both the lighting of the car repair and the dark lighting.

In addition to the above tools, there is also a kind of sleeve with gold crown and dismantling tyre screws.

2, easy to break small parts

Fan belt: fan belt is easy to damage. It may be the reason why the fan belt is negligible. If the fan belt is broken, the heat dissipation is not good. In order to avoid inconvenience on the way, it is also necessary for the cards to prepare the same fan belt.

Quick connection: I believe many drivers have encountered the problem of tracheal wear and tear. Although the problem is not big, the hidden danger is fatal. With the car with a few quick pipe joints, the road pipe grinding conditions, the pipe rotten out of the area and the joint one stab problem can be solved, wait for the place to go to the service station to replace it with the kind of riveting, iron is stronger and strong connection.

All kinds of clips: according to their needs, you can buy several cards on the car for emergency needs (water pipe clip, heating pipe clip, oil pipe clip).

Diesel filter: This is also an essential spare part for driving, especially in winter.

The O type ring of the hanging cylinder: when the O ring is broken, your car will be difficult to move, so it is suggested that the driver's friend should have a car set up.