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New FAW Truck Showed In The Exhibition
- Nov 19, 2018 -

FAW J7 tractor takes the world's top industrial aesthetics as the starting point of its appearance design; the cab's interior height is 2150 mm, the storage space is 1350 L, and the use efficiency is obviously improved; the leap-forward improvement lies in Jiefang J7 carrying intelligent safety control technology, intelligent safety prevention technology, intelligent assistant braking technology and intelligent power in an all-round way. Drive control technology, intelligent human-computer interaction technology, intelligent driving technology and other unique advanced intelligent technology that can be synchronized with Europe.

Among the FAW J6 series products, the new J6 Glorious version tractor upgrades the key assembly, steering, braking system, electrical appliances, anti-aging components and so on by widely applying the international first-class quality supplier resources and the unique new technology of FAW Liberation, and greatly improves the reliability of the whole vehicle. The new J6 Sixth Sanitation Vehicle adopts electro-hydraulic control and coordinated action of hydraulic cylinder to drive the regular movement of scraper and skateboard, so as to improve the efficiency of garbage collection and transportation. The distance between the garbage loading port and the ground is low, and the garbage collection and transportation are sealed to effectively eliminate the two pollution. J6F pure electric logistics vehicle, not only beautiful and comfortable, it is understood that in the late sales link will also provide nearly 10 items of six P major customer enjoyment services.