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Main Damage Forms Of Connecting Rods
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The main damage forms of connecting rod are fatigue fracture and excessive deformation. Usually the fatigue fracture is located in three high stress areas on the connecting rod. The working conditions of the connecting rod require that the connecting rod has high strength and fatigue resistance, as well as sufficient steel and toughness. In the traditional connecting rod processing technology, the material usually adopts 45 steel, 40Cr or 40MnB quenched and tempered steel with higher hardness. Therefore, the new connecting rod materials produced by German automobile enterprises, such as C70S6 high carbon micro-alloyed non-quenched and tempered steel, SPLITASCO series Forged steel, FRACTIM forged steel and S53CV-FS forged steel, are all German standards. Although alloy steel has high strength, it is sensitive to stress concentration. Therefore, strict requirements are needed in the shape of connecting rod, excessive fillet and other aspects, and attention should also be paid to surface processing quality to improve fatigue strength, otherwise the application of high strength alloy steel can not achieve the desired results.