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How To Check Whether The Silicon Oil Fan Clutch Works Normally
- Nov 19, 2018 -

How to check whether the silicon oil fan clutch works normally?

1:Cold state examination. After the night, there is still silicon oil between the active disk and the driven disc of the silicon oil fan clutch. As the Ru of the silicone oil is very high, it should be more difficult to use the fan when the engine is not started. At this point, the engine can be started to run at medium speed in cold state for 1-2min, so that silicone oil in the working chamber can be returned to the oil storage room. At this point, after the engine stops, it should be easier to dial the fan.

2:Heat state examination. Start the engine and change the noise of the engine fan carefully when the water temperature of the engine is close to 90 -95C. If the noise increases significantly in a few minutes, the fan speed increases rapidly, so that the engine can stop working at full speed. At this time, the fan is activated by hand, and it is normal to feel more laborious.