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Guangzhou Motor Show FAW The Blue Sky Guard Without Expectation.
- Nov 16, 2018 -

On November 16, 2018, the 4th Guangzhou International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, one of the two most important commercial vehicle exhibitions in China, was solemnly held. With its unique geographic advantages, Guangzhou Commercial Vehicle Exhibition is guided by adapting to market development and strives to build the most professional commercial vehicle display, purchase and exchange platform in China.

The commercial vehicle exhibition in Guangzhou has also attracted many well-known commercial vehicle companies. On November 16, the FAW Liberation Technology Conference of "Liberation Power Blue Sky Guard" and "National Sixth" of FAW Liberation was held on the FAW Liberation Exhibition Platform of Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center 13.2 in Guangzhou. The exhibition lineup includes not only the new J6P glorious tractor, the new J6P dump truck, the new J6 country six sanitation vehicle, the J6F pure electric logistics vehicle, but also the newly released J7 luxury version tractor and other five new liberation products.