Leading Company Specializes In Supplying China Truck Spare Parts

- Jul 16, 2018 -

  In from June 9 to 10, 2018, the global vision once again focused on China, and the eighteenth meeting of the heads of State Council of member states of the Shanghai cooperation organization was successfully held in Qingdao. The conference was a major domestic diplomatic activity in China in 2018, and became an important window of "made in China" display. In this high-profile meeting, meeting reception vehicle needs also gave Chinese car brands the opportunity to unveiled and display excellent product quality. Therefore, it is self-evident that the standards of vehicle quality, performance, brand image and other standards are high. In recent years, the liberated products in the truck market continue to be selected for conference vehicles in the appearance, safety, stability, comfort and reliability of the vehicles. There are more than 40 light cards and V, and the liberation trucks and Red Flag cars have become the convoys of the concierge of the Qingdao summit.

  After learning the use of the PLA, the Qingdao whole vehicle department set up a service security team. The whole business department was set up a team of drivers and service groups, prepared, organized and deployed carefully, and sent service technicians to the scene for the maintenance of vehicles one by one. Train drivers on etiquette and driving rules. The service security team strengthened the political consciousness, responsibility consciousness and discipline consciousness. All the members were on call for 24 hours, guaranteed to be in call, first responded to the service demand and in the most full spirit state, completed the service guarantee work of the summit successfully, and won praise for the liberation of green steam products and services.

  The successful hosting of the Qingdao summit will draw a new blueprint for the future development of the SCO, promote the construction of the "one area and one way" with the development strategy of various countries, promote the economic partnership between China and the countries along the line, and will also create more cooperation for the liberation of the overseas strategy and the "domestic leading, international first-class" truck enterprises. Make opportunities.


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