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FAW EXHAUST VALVE Present Situation:
- Nov 28, 2018 -

In order to improve the efficiency of intake and exhaust, multi-valve technology is used now. It is common that each cylinder is equipped with four valves (there are also three or five valves in a single cylinder, the same principle as the Audi A6 engine). Four cylinders are 16 valves. The "16V" we often see in the automobile data means that there are 16 engines. Valve. This multi-valve structure is easy to form a compact combustion chamber with the injector in the center, which can make the combustion of oil-gas mixture faster and more uniform, reduce the weight and opening of each valve appropriately, and make the valve open or close faster.

Material Science:

Valve materials in China are usually divided into 40Cr, 4Cr9Si2, 4Cr10Si2Mo, 21-4N and 23-8N. 5Cr8Si2, 4Cr9Si3, 21-2N, 21-12N, 23-8N and XB have been widely used in some imported models. High temperature nickel-based alloys have also been used in exhaust valves of high-load diesel engines.