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FAW Continues To Lead The Industry Market
- Jul 26, 2018 -

  One hundred and sixty nine thousand heavy trucks of FAW were sold in the first half of the year to continue to lead the industry market.

  In the first half of 2018, FAW's opportunity to liberate insight should be rational and rational. Through the comprehensive upgrading of the products, scientific marketing planning, accurate channel development, the liberation of heavy cards in the total sales of 169 thousand vehicles, the market share reached 21.7%, up 2%, continue to lead the industry; at the same time, the light vehicle sales increased by 37% compared with the same period last year, has occupied a position in the industry. In the latest brand value list, emancipation has won the first place in commercial vehicles with 60 billion 700 million yuan, and once again confirms the position of the leader in the field of commercial vehicles.

  At the meeting, Wang Zhicai, the Minister of the marketing headquarters of the emancipation company and the general manager of the liberation and sales company, made a special report, and put forward the new marketing objectives and the policy of "turning ideas, adjusting structures and ending the end". In the second half of the year, the emancipation will take the product as the breakthrough, at the same time expanding the traction advantage, consolidating the leading position of the cargo, continuously improving the dump sales, and accelerating the breakthrough of the short board in the western, special, overseas and other short boards, expanding the outcome of the war, and further exploring the development of derivative business and strengthening the network management through the innovative marketing model and the optimization of the communication platform. Control, to provide users with better operation solutions.