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Erroneous Maintenance Of Truck Engine
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The engine is just like the human heart, which plays an absolutely important role in the truck. If you don't pay attention to small pathogens, you will often cause the loss of heart function, which is also applicable to trucks. Many owners believe that regular truck maintenance is not a big problem, but it has affected the service life of truck engines in a subtle way. Here are some small problems that easily cause truck engine trouble. I hope that the owners will pay more attention when they use and maintain trucks.

Irregular maintenance

Regular maintenance of the engine is very important, a number of professional maintenance masters, in their hands to repair the truck, the vehicle caused by engine malfunction caused by malfunction of the total failure of 50%. It can be seen that engine maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging the service life of vehicles. Not only in the regular maintenance period to carry out the maintenance of the engine, in the driving through some particularly damp or dust especially large areas, the engine related components to do some inspection and maintenance.

Oil deterioration and poor oil filter core

Lubricating oils of different grades will change in the course of use. After a certain mileage, the performance deteriorates, which may cause problems to the engine. When the oil passes through the pores of the oil filter element, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil are accumulated in the filter. If the filter is blocked, the oil can not smooth through the filter core, will dilate the filter core or open the safety valve, from the bypass valve through, still bring the dirt back to the lubricating part, to accelerate the engine wear faster, the internal pollution aggravation. So the regular replacement of the oil filter is also important.  Do not add less oil, but do not add too much, not the more expensive brand name synthetic oil is better, suitable for your car's oil is the best.

Intake pipe dirty

If the vehicle often travels in the road area with more dust and poor air quality, we should pay attention to cleaning the intake pipe and ensuring the smooth intake. The intake pipe is very important for the normal operation of the engine. If the intake pipe is too dirty, it can cause the efficiency to decrease, so that the engine can not operate in the normal output power range, which aggravate the wear and aging of the engine. As far as possible to walk the area where dust is much, at the same time, air conditioning grid should also pay attention to replacement.

Poor maintenance of the fuel system

The maintenance of the fuel system includes replacing the gasoline filter cartridge, cleaning the carburetor or fuel nozzle and supplying the oil pipeline. Clean up the tank sediment regularly, remove the sediment in the fuel filter, properly maintain the air filter, oil tank and pipeline. When cleaning the engine fuel system, use the engine to remove the cleaning agent, because the removal of the cleaning agent does not need to dismantle the fuel system. On the one hand, it can be used to clean the fuel system thoroughly. On the other hand, it is beneficial to protect the fuel system of the engine.