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- Dec 03, 2018 -

In the process of automobile trading, we must carry out road test. However, in the process of road test, we must take into account the power of the vehicle. So, what is the power of the car?

Vehicle dynamic performance refers to the process of straight-line driving on good road surface. The corresponding driving performance can be determined by the longitudinal external force, which is able to meet the requirements of average driving speed. From this definition, we can see that for the road, it must be a good road surface, horizontal or slope road, the movement mode can take a straight line driving process, for external factors, the longitudinal external force can determine the basis of movement, so that it can achieve a certain ability. For sports ability, there are three main indicators, such as the maximum speed of the car, acceleration time, and maximum climb. Vehicles traveling on a good horizontal road surface, if they can reach the highest speed, we call the highest speed. For acceleration time, it is usually the acceleration time when the car starts in situ, and the acceleration time when the car overtakes. This time indicates the acceleration ability of the car. "T" means the time to start in place, usually in first or second gear, and gradually shift gears. If you travel to a certain distance, the speed of the car will take time. It's the time to start in place. Acceleration time of overtaking can also be expressed by "t". Some of the highest-grade cars have speeds of about 30 or 4, and all-out acceleration should be expressed by the time spent on some highways.