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Classification Of Automotive Generators
- Nov 30, 2018 -

There are five categories according to the overall structure.

(1) Ordinary alternators are also called "silicon rectifier generators" (generators equipped with voltage regulators when used). Case JF132 (EQ140). See illustration

(2) Integral alternator (generator and regulator made into a whole generator) Buick car engine is equipped with CS-type generators (including CS-121, CS-130 and CS-144 three different models).

(3) Pumped alternator. (The pump with pump alternator ampere is a vacuum pump, not a vacuum booster pump, and the vacuum booster pump is on the brake system of the automobile).

(4) Brushless alternator (generator without brush) example JFW 1913.

(5) Permanent magnet alternator. Generator made of permanent magnet with magnetic pole.

2. According to the structure of rectifier, it can be divided into four categories.

(1) Six-tube alternator case JF1522 (for Dongfeng automobile).

(2) 8-tube alternator case JFZ1542 (Tianjin Xiali automobile).

(3) Examples of nine-tube alternators (Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Mazda in Japan).

(4) 11-tube alternator case JFZ1913Z (Audi, Santana automobile).

3. According to the form of magnetic field winding iron-lapping, it can be divided into two categories.

(1) One end of the magnetic field winding (negative pole) of the iron-mounted alternator is directly mounted (connected with the shell).

(2) One end (negative pole) of magnetic field winding of iron-type alternator is connected to the regulator, and then iron is put through the regulator.