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China's Heavy Truck Non-stop Service True And False
- Jun 02, 2018 -

"We do not stop" service is China's heavy truck after careful analysis of the development of such a heavy service policy. "Wei Fuping said:" Since 2009, with the Man company, 2013 Man technology market performance, China National Heavy Duty Truck From the Man technical products from the high quality of self - confidence, the introduction of 'non - stop' service, we want to fundamentally enhance the overall efficiency of the truck and the level of service management, service assurance to achieve new breakthroughs.

Enabled non-stop service, which is 3.15 on the eve of China's heavy truck to the industry launched a service commitment, the use of our Man-made tractor, the transport failed, we first implement timely rescue, if the pre-fault vehicle can not 24 hours to repair, we will arrange the replacement vehicle, the goods shipped to the destination, this part of the cost borne by the China National Heavy Duty Truck. For six types of vehicles, we are committed to prefabrication for 6 hours and can not be repaired. We will enable our non-stop service.

Enable non-stop service, first of all from our heavy truck product quality assurance, we have Man technology products, life expectancy of 1.5 million km. In addition, we have more than 1,000 service stations in the country, in addition to more than 10,000 service teams, as well as our own reserves in the country more than 200 million of the accessories, each service station there are nearly five million of spare parts reserves, The implementation of non-stop service, we put the country's 50 million large assembly of the reserve. And we have the protection of information resources, and as a safeguard measure, we have more than 200 cities in the country signed more than 1,000 vehicles on behalf of the use of shared mode. In addition, China National Heavy Duty Truck, such as caravans, such as caravan training courses, improve the service station maintenance technical capacity, which are in the stimulation of heavy truck service efficiency.

The future heavy truck also selected along the highway 244 service stations produced by the road car security service network map, according to the road car sales growth and road network development, the development of 400. And gradually "luxury" models into the "non-stop" service applicable to the object.

"After the 'non-stop' service models will only be more and more from the 'non-stop' service, we have to reflect on how to speed up the user on the road again, from the product quality, maintenance, scheduling are To reflect on these experiences can be used in the usual maintenance work, so that more users to achieve transport "stop". "Wei Fuping said. For the warranty period outside the Chinese heavy truck users in the field of failure when there is a substitute vehicle, at any time call the "400" service hotline can be dispatched to contact the various regions of the vehicle resources, the cost of reference to "the starting cost of the vehicle" by the user, The safety and timeliness of the goods can be guaranteed, and effectively enhance the timeliness of the service.

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