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Challenge Of China Truck Exporting
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The overall sales of commercial vehicles, although also in decline, but the decline is small. For heavy truck exports, 1-5 months although there are companies appeared different degree of decline, but as Zhang Haigang said: "by some countries in Africa policies and regulations to advance the implementation of, there are currently more than 2000 cars not unloading the ship. The unexpected China heavy truck exports area is mainly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, many countries in the region have one thing in common: the main national revenue dependence on oil. "This kind of country's wealth comes quickly, the infrastructure investment is more rapid, the intensity is big, in recent years, the Chinese truck in these regions is also because of the good export." Zhang Haigang analysis.

However, this year, the Chinese brand commercial vehicles (including trucks and buses) in overseas markets, the overall decline in sales, mainly with the continued decline in international crude oil prices, exchange rate changes and other factors. Zhang Haigang told reporters, for example, Angola in Africa, foreign exchange shortage is very serious, when the official dollar Kwanza (Angolan currency) exchange rate is 1:112 when, due to the shortage of foreign exchange, only in the black market to 1:192 buy. "Basically is 40 percent off, which cause a lot of trouble, the recovery of the money to meet a lot of risk." In short, the layout of the Chinese truck in overseas markets, the impact of large truck exports.

In addition, Chinese car prices in overseas markets, almost reached a white hot". This leads to a reduction in the rate of cycling of the export vehicles in the competition. In the face of such a complex overseas market, Chinese enterprises how to deal with?

"Bicycle profit rate in a few years ago is better, with more and more enterprises aim to overseas, the current point of view, the price war more obvious, car prices showed a downward trend." Zhang Haigang said, we are also pondering the way, considering the transformation."

According to reports, the sales model in the overseas market can be changed, you can eat a fish". "Not only the sale of links, in the after-sales service, accessories, recycling and other fields can be gradually try." It is reported that China's brand of truck in overseas markets to maintain the volume gradually rise, which is based on the conditions in the car after the market to do.

In addition, in Shaanxi as an example, its business model is gradually from simple general trade to SKD/CKD assembly, transfer, and to fully localized patterns of change, namely localization; truck companies can also borrow a boat to go to sea, relying on the construction of CITIC, China Railway, China railway construction, China building, AVIC international, group and other large state-owned construction enterprises, to heavy truck products as the carrier, for overseas engineering to tailor a full range of logistics solutions.