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Cautions For Use Of Automobile Heaters
- Jan 15, 2019 -

1. Vehicle liquid fuel heaters can only use diesel as fuel. (YJH-Q5B gasoline is available, special note is required)

2. Before the heater is used, the valve of the pipeline must be opened to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline can be circulated. At the same time, the antifreeze fluid should be filled. Otherwise, the dry grinding of the pump will produce high temperature, which will lead to the damage of the water seal parts.

3. It is strictly forbidden to close the heater by using the switch of the vehicle main power supply to prevent the overheating damage in the main engine.

4. The refrigerant medium injected into the circulating system must be antifreeze liquid to meet the requirements of vehicle operating environment temperature and prevent the radiator from rusting and scaling.

5. When refrigerant medium is injected into the circulating system, the heater bleeding plug (on the heater inlet pipe) and the pipeline bleeding valve must be opened first. When there is no gas coming out of the bleeding valve, especially at the heater bleeding plug, the bleeding plug (bleeding valve) should be closed, the water pump switch should be opened, and the refrigerant injection should be continued until the circulating system is filled with coolant medium.

6. Vehicle battery voltage should not be too low.