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​Casting Technology Of Crankshaft
- Nov 21, 2018 -


The key to producing high quality ductile iron is to obtain high temperature and low sulphur pure molten iron. Domestic production equipment is mainly cupola, hot metal has not been pre-desulfurized, followed by high-purity pig iron, poor coke quality. The cupola melts molten iron, which is desulphurized outside the furnace and then heated up and adjusted in the induction furnace. The vacuum direct reading spectrometer has been widely used in the detection of molten iron in China.


Airflow impact moulding technology is obviously superior to clay sand moulding technology, and high precision crankshaft castings can be obtained. The sand moulds produced by this technology have the characteristics of no rebound deformation, which is particularly important for multi-crankshaft. Some crankshaft manufacturers in China have introduced air impact moulding technology from Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries. However, only a few manufacturers have introduced the whole production line.

Electroslag casting

Electroslag remelting technology is applied to crankshaft production to make casting crankshaft performance comparable to forging performance. It also has the characteristics of rapid development cycle, high utilization rate of metals, simple equipment and superior product performance.