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Bearing Bush Length
- Dec 28, 2018 -

The new bearing is loaded into the seat hole, and each end of the upper and lower plates should be 0.03-0.05 mm higher than the bearing seat plane. In order to ensure that the bearing bush and the seat holes closely fit, improve the heat dissipation effect.

The experience of inspecting bearing bush length is as follows: installing bearing bush, installing bearing bush cover, tightening one end bolt according to specified moment value, inserting gasket with thickness of 0.05m m between the other end cover and bearing bush seat plane, when tightening bolt moment of the end reaches 10-20N.m, if gasket can not be pulled out, indicating that bearing length is too long, one end file without positioning tenon should be lowered; if gasket can be pulled out, indicating The length of bearing bush is suitable; if the gasket is not screwed to the specified moment value, it will not be pulled out, indicating that the bearing bush is too short, it should be re-selected.