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An Introduction To The Differential Speed Of Truck Chassis
- Jun 02, 2018 -

When the truck turns, the distance between the left and right wheels is different. If the truck turns to the left and the center of the arc is on the left, in the same time, the right (outside) wheel travels longer than the left (inside) wheel, and if both wheels are fixed on the same rotating shaft, the speed of the two wheels is equal, then the speed of the two wheels is equal. The phenomenon of rolling and sliding on the wheel must occur. This phenomenon will cause resistance to make the vehicle very unsmooth and even unable to turn when turning.

If we want to improve this phenomenon to make the vehicle turn more smoothly in the turn, it is necessary to make the wheels on the left slow, the right wheel a little faster, and make up the difference of distance at different speeds.

To solve this problem, one hundred years ago, Louis Renault, the founder of Renault (Lei Nuo), France, invented the differential. The interior of the differential is mainly composed of spiral ring gear (main gear), planetary gear and left and right gear. The differential vehicle is powered through the gearbox when turning, and the main drive shaft passes the power to the differential to rotate the large spiral ring gear, while the rotation speed of the two sides of the wheel is different, but through the turn, the transmission is permeable. The planetary gear can adjust the different speed difference between the left and right wheels automatically, so that the vehicle can successfully turn the corner.

Although the differential enables the wheels to perform the turning smoothly, when a wheel is skidded or idling, the vehicle will lose its momentum. This is mainly because when one wheel loses grip, the resistance of the wheel is zero, and the resistance of the other side is very large. At the same time the spiral ring gear turns, the planetary gear that regulates the wheel speed will continue to rotate continuously, and the power is constantly transferred to the wheel that loses the grip and makes the vehicle Not going forward can only stay in place.

In order to solve this situation, it is necessary to limit the actuation of the differential to some extent, so the special differential is locked with the limit slip differential and the differential.