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Active Implementation Of Corporate Social Responsibility: FAW Releases China's First Commercial Vehicle Public Welfare Brand
- Jul 21, 2018 -

In July 13, 2018, on the 62nd anniversary anniversary of China's first domestic car line, FAW liberation hand in hand to the China Poverty Alleviation foundation, in Beijing held the "public welfare on the road" in 2018 FAW liberation public welfare brand conference and the precision poverty alleviation signing ceremony, officially issued the "release love navigation" public welfare brand. FAW liberation and the leadership of the China Poverty Alleviation foundation, the Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University, Wuhan University of Technology and other units, representatives of liberated dealers, and user representatives attended the event and attended the events respectively. The Xinhua news agency, the people's network, China Daily, the public welfare China Network, the Chinese automobile newspaper, the truck house, etc. More than forty authoritative media nationwide witnessed this exciting moment.

Liberated love pilotage public welfare brand contains two levels of connotation: first, the important mission to shoulder the corporate social responsibility, focusing on the precision poverty alleviation plan, from the green environmental protection, education and other aspects to carry out the effort, the overall implementation of the party's nineteen major efforts to fight poverty and hard work, focus on solving outstanding environmental problems, excellent First, develop the spirit of education; second, under the unified leadership and deployment of FAW Group's public welfare strategy, we should realize the dream of common prosperity. Take an active part in FAW Group's social responsibility activities, and launch joint efforts to create a public welfare project that is unique to emancipation.

FAW will also focus on the three aspects of precision poverty alleviation, education and environmental protection. Among them, the "love pilot public welfare plan and precision poverty alleviation" project targeted at the 30 million truck users nationwide is the core project of the "liberation of love pilot" public welfare brand. The project is a long-term public welfare project. First of all, this year, the liberation of FAW was 2 million 170 thousand. With the foundation of the China Poverty Alleviation foundation, the "love pilotage public welfare program, accurate poverty alleviation" was set up. Live confidence.