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Improper maintenance of the truck engine will cause failure of the truck engine
- Jun 02, 2018 -

As for the accessories on trucks, many repair masters are emphasizing that the engine should be maintained in good time, or they will have to be replaced before long. As far as the current situation is concerned, many cards do not regularly maintain the maintenance of truck engines. Changing engines is a great expense. If the engine is not maintained in time, what kind of problems will happen if the engine fails?

1, cause air filter plug

The intake system of the engine is made up of air filter and intake pipe. The longer the use time is, the air filter core will be filled with dirt, and it can not achieve the clean effect at last. Therefore, the air filter is usually cleaned regularly. When the air filter has been cleaned for 3 times, it is best to replace the new genuine air filter element.

2, the blockage of the air intake pipe

The intake pipe will accumulate more or less dirt because of the dust in the air. If it is too much or clogged, the air filter can not be filtered, and the air filter will be too dirty. The intake pipe is the first procedure of air entering into the truck engine, so the dirt in the intake pipe needs to be cleaned in time so as to better clean the air.

3. The appearance of cooling system

The piston jar, the inner leakage of the cylinder body, the serious noise, the explosion and the acceleration of the power drop are all due to the failure of the cooling system and the failure of the engine to work at the normal temperature. The abnormal operation of the engine will accelerate the damage of the truck engine and seriously lead to the scrapping of the engine. Regular cooling of the cooling system and proper use of antifreeze will prevent such a situation.

4. The crankcase is stacked with too much mud

Oily sludge is the polymerization of gases, such as gases, acids, water, sulphides and nitrogen oxides, which are not burned in the engine. In addition, the metal powder produced by friction between engine and metal is also a component of oil sludge. Too much sludge will reduce the combustion quality, block filter, oil hole and aggravate engine wear.

Truck engine maintenance can save a lot of fuel, but also for card friends to drive more safety. Regardless of the lifespan of the engine or the cost of fuel, the maintenance of the engine can not be ignored by the friends.