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China First Super Truck Auman EST Landing In Shandong
- Jun 02, 2018 -

It is understood that the Auman EST super truck as the Foton Daimler car last 4 years, European R & D, the domestic high-end market positioning, for the "express, cold chain, hazardous chemicals, high value-added industrial products and other high-end logistics industry users to create high-end logistics transportation equipment, opening the Chinese high-end logistics transformation journey. Also that the first stage of 5%-10% super truck to reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions by 10%, improve the efficiency of the 30% target completion of cargo.

China truck network reporter learned that the scene in the listing activities, Foton Daimler car carrying 80 million listed "huge benefits" Marriott sales policy, user feedback Car Buying enthusiasm, field gains 686 orders, the Auman EST super truck has become the regional logistics development of Shandong's high efficiency drive. At present, Auman EST super truck line of total sales of more than 5000 units, the success of Chinese high-end heavy truck high-end brand influence.

Efficient and Auman EST high-end positioning

Logistics as a big province, Shandong currently has more than 22 thousand logistics enterprises, which focus on the 836 logistics enterprises, the National A-class enterprise 223, distribution network covers more than 56% of the province's population and more than 60% of the total economy, and express, hazardous chemicals, agricultural products cold chain logistics and transport three major transport object. Shandong as a dangerous chemical transportation "town", how to ensure the transportation of hazardous chemicals to ensure safety during storage and transportation, building safety transportation of the dam, affect the time of transport enterprises, express nerve; at the same time, agricultural products cold chain due to commodity property restrictions, more precise requirements for timeliness. Cold chain transportation of agricultural products, for example, 80% ~ 90% of fresh agricultural products in circulation at room temperature, corrosion rate of 20%-30%, on time and efficient to ensure the cold chain transportation of agricultural products, the key chain. Therefore, to fully meet the users in Shandong for the safety and efficiency of high-end logistics transportation equipment needs, and efficient Auman EST super truck with high horsepower, high saving, high efficiency and high comfort and high reliability products, safe and efficient operation to bring value to the user.