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FAW Truck Parts

  • FAW Truck Oil Cooler

    FAW Truck Oil Cooler

    FAW TRUCK OIL COOLER DESCRIPTION : FAW TRUCK OIL COOLER at a lower temperature. For high performance and high power intensification engines, the oil cooler must be installed due to the heavy heat load. The oil cooler is arranged in the lubricating oil path, and its working...Read More

  • FAW Turbocharger

    FAW Turbocharger

    FAW TRUCK TURBOCHARGER DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK TURBOCHARGER is actually an air compressor that increases air intake by compressing air. It uses the inertia impulse of the exhaust gas from the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine room. The turbine drives the coaxial...Read More

  • FAW Truck Engine Crankshaft

    FAW Truck Engine Crankshaft

    ENGINE CRANKSHAFT DESCRIPTION: FAW ENGINE CRANKSHAFT is the most important part of the engine. It inherits the force from the connecting rod and transforms it into torque, which outputs through the crankshaft and drives other accessories on the engine. The crankshaft is...Read More

  • FAW Truck Thermostat

    FAW Truck Thermostat

    FAW TRUCK THERMOSTAT DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK THERMOSTAT is a valve that controls the flow path of coolant. It is an automatic temperature regulating device, usually containing a temperature sensing component, which opens and turns off the air, gas or liquid through thermal...Read More

  • FAW Truck Steering Pump

    FAW Truck Steering Pump

    FAW TRUCK STEERING PUMP is driven by the engine to convert the low pressure oil in the tank into high-pressure oil to the steering control valve.Read More

  • FAW Truck Exhaust Valve

    FAW Truck Exhaust Valve

    The function of the FAW EXHAUST VALVE is to inflow air into the engine and discharge the exhaust gas after combustion.Read More

  • FAW Truck Generators

    FAW Truck Generators

    FAW TRUCK GENERATORS is the main power supply for the car.Read More

  • FAW Connecting Rod Bushing

    FAW Connecting Rod Bushing

    FAW CONNECTING ROD BUSHING is used for mechanical parts to achieve sealing, wear protection and other supporting parts, refers to the role of the liner ring.Read More

  • FAW Truck Engine

    FAW Truck Engine

    FAW TRUCK ENGINE is the core part of the engine, so it is customary to use the engine to refer to the engine.Read More

  • FAW Truck A/C Compressor

    FAW Truck A/C Compressor

    FAW TRUCK A/C COMPRESSOR is the heart of the automobile air conditioning and refrigeration system, and plays the role of compressing and conveying refrigerant steam.Read More

  • FAW Truck Connecting Rod Bearing

    FAW Truck Connecting Rod Bearing

    FAW TRUCK CONNECTING ROD BEARING comprises a connecting rod upper tile and a connecting rod lower tileRead More

  • FAW Truck Engine Heater

    FAW Truck Engine Heater

    FAW TRUCK ENGINE HEATER is mainly used for preheating the engine in winter, heating the cab of the supply vehicle or heating the bus compartment.Read More

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