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  • FAW Truck Brake Drum

    FAW Truck Brake Drum

    The brake drum is the friction part of the drum brake.Read More

  • FAW Truck Wheel Bearings

    FAW Truck Wheel Bearings

    The main function of FAW TRUCK WHEEL BEARINGS is to carry weight and provide precise guidance for the rotation of hub.Read More

  • FAW Truck Brake Lining

    FAW Truck Brake Lining

    FAW TRUCK BRAKE LINING is composed of steel plate, adhesive heat insulation layer and friction block.Read More

  • FAW Truck Axles

    FAW Truck Axles

    FAW TRUCK AXLES is connected with the frame (or the load-bearing body) through the suspension, and the wheels are mounted at both ends.Read More

  • FAW Truck Spring

    FAW Truck Spring

    FAW TRUCK SPRING is one of the most widely used elastic elements in automotive suspension. It is an approximate equal strength elastic beam composed of a number of pieces of equal width but unequal alloy springs.Read More

  • FAW Truck Steering Rod

    FAW Truck Steering Rod

    FAW STEERING ROD plays a transmission role in the steering system, which directly affects the stability of the vehicle handling, the safety of the operation and the service life of the tire.Read More

  • FAW Truck Brake Chamber

    FAW Truck Brake Chamber

    FAW BRAKE CHAMBER is the mechanical force that turns the compressed air pressure into the brake camshaft and realizes the braking action.Read More

  • FAW Truck Half Shaft

    FAW Truck Half Shaft

    FAW TRUCK HALF SHAFT, also called the drive shaft, is the shaft connecting the differential and the driving wheel.Read More

  • FAW Truck Propeller Shaft

    FAW Truck Propeller Shaft

    FAW TRUCK PROPELLER SHAFT is an important part of the transmission power in the automobile transmission system.Read More

  • FAW Truck Wheel Hub

    FAW Truck Wheel Hub

    FAW TRUCK WHEEL HUB is a drum shaped inner part of the tire supporting the tire, and a metal part with a center mounted on the shaft.Read More

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