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    Instrument is an interactive interface between human and automobile, which provides drivers with the required information of automobile operation parameters, fault, mileage and so on.Read More



    The function of FAW GAP ADJUSTING ARM should be to accurately record the increase in clearance caused by wear of the friction lining and to accurately adjust the brake clearance to the normal working range.Read More

  • FAW Truck Double Cabin

    FAW Truck Double Cabin

    FAW TRUCK CABIN DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK CABIN, it is not only the driver's workplace, but also an important part of the entire vehicle. The general cab includes windows, doors, cockpit and so on. The modeling of the cab has several kinds of high top, low top and sharp...Read More

  • FAW Truck Headlight

    FAW Truck Headlight

    FAW TRUCK HEADLIGHT DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK HEADLIGHT is the lighting device installed on both sides of the car head for night driving. FAW TRUCK HEADLIGHT is made up of three parts: the bulb, the reflector and the light diffuser. 1. light bulbs The bulbs used for FAW...Read More

  • FAW Truck Rear View

    FAW Truck Rear View

    FAW TRUCK REAR VIEW MIRRIOR DESCRIPTION: FAW REARVIEW is a tool for the driver to sit directly on the driver's seat and get the external information such as the rear, side and bottom of the car directly. In order to facilitate the operation of drivers, prevent accidents...Read More

  • FAW Truck Steering Wheel

    FAW Truck Steering Wheel

    FAW TRUCK STEERING WHEEL DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK STEERING WHEEL is a wheel device used to manipulate the direction of travel. Its function is to change the force of the driver to the edge of the steering wheel into torque and pass it to the steering shaft. FAW TRUCK STEERING...Read More

  • FAW Truck Windshield Glass

    FAW Truck Windshield Glass

    FAW TRUCK WINDSHIELD GLASS DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK WINDSHIELD GLASS is a piece of glass that is used by high-speed motor vehicles to prevent wind and rain and resist foreign objects. FAW TRUCK WINDSHIELD GLASS is currently divided into: 1: the laminated glass is a transparent...Read More

  • FAW Truck Door

    FAW Truck Door

    FAW DOOR DESCRIPTION: FAW DOOR is a passageway for drivers and passengers to get in and out of the vehicle, and to isolate the outside interference, to a certain extent, to reduce side impact and protect occupants. The beauty of the car is also related to the shape of the...Read More

  • FAW Truck Front Panel

    FAW Truck Front Panel

    FAW TRUCK FRONT PANEL DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK FRONT PANEL and side circumference are the external disturbances of the car body. The front circumference generally refers to the frame that installs the condenser and the water tank, and the side wall refers to the left and right...Read More

  • FAW Truck Front Bumper

    FAW Truck Front Bumper

    FAW TRUCK FRONT BUMPER DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK FRONT BUMPER, which is located in front and rear of the car, is designed to avoid the impact of the vehicle's external damage on the vehicle safety system. They have the ability to reduce the damage to the driver during the...Read More

  • FAW Truck Headlight Housing

    FAW Truck Headlight Housing

    FAW TRUCK HEADLIGHT HOUSING DESCRIPTION: FAW TRUCK HEADLIGHT HOUSING is to support and protect the front light from the damage, the vehicle in the road state, it is unavoidable that the car will throw up the stone in front of the car. The FAW headlight of the organic panel...Read More

  • FAW Support Bar for Trucks

    FAW Support Bar for Trucks

    FAW SUPPORT BAR FOR TRUCKS DESCRIPTION: FAW SUPPORT BAR FOR TRUCKS is installed in the driving seat of the cab. Its function is to support the foot pedal, most of the pedal support is formed by the bending of the iron pipe, and is fitted with a fixed device for installing the...Read More

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