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FAW OIL PUMP is mainly used in automotive diesel engine. FAW OIL PUMP assembly is usually composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together.

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FAW OIL PUMP is mainly used in automotive diesel engine. FAW OIL PUMP assembly is usually composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together. Speed governor is a component to ensure the low speed operation of diesel engine and limit the maximum speed, and to ensure a certain relationship between injection volume and speed. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of the diesel engine, and is regarded as the "heart" component of the diesel engine.

The key part of the FAW OIL PUMP is the plunger. If the common syringe in the hospital is used as an analogy, the movable plug is called the plunger, and the barrel is called the plunger sleeve. Move up and down once, this is the basic movement mode of the plunger of the fuel injection pump.

Plunger and plunger sleeve are very precise matching parts. There is an inclined groove on the plunger body. There is a small hole on the plunger sleeve called the suction port. The suction port is full of diesel oil. When the inclined groove of the plunger faces the suction port, the diesel oil enters the plunger sleeve. When the plunger is crowned by the camshaft to a certain height, the inclined groove of the plunger is staggered from the suction port, and the suction port is closed so that the diesel oil can neither be inhale Can not be pressed out, the plunger continues to rise when the pressure on diesel oil, diesel oil pressure to a certain extent will open one-way valve swarm out into the nozzle, and then from the nozzle into the cylinder combustion chamber. Each time the plunger discharges a certain amount of diesel oil, only a part of the injection into the cylinder, the rest of the return hole is drained, and the use of increase or decrease the amount of return to adjust the fuel injection.

When the plunger rises to the "upper point" and moves downward, the plunger tilt groove meets the suction port again, and the diesel oil is sucked into the plunger sleeve, repeating the above action again. In-line injection pump each group of plunger system corresponding to a cylinder, four cylinders have four groups of plunger system, so the volume is relatively large, more used in medium-sized vehicles. For example, diesel engines on buses and large trucks usually use a straight line injection pump.


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